From the Pastor....


Dear Faithful Member of SFX,
For those who read The Record, our archdiocesan paper, you may have seen in last week’s issue another lengthy article entitled Your Parish; The Body of Christ Alive in Our Midst. This is a pastoral letter from Archbishop Kurtz that was used to create a Parish Discernment Process for those parishes needing to name (and/or re-vamp) their parish’s steps in ministry across the board. While I think this was a very good idea to do, I believe it is important to note that our parish had been in discernment well before the release of the archbishop’s pastoral. For us, it took the form of our Long Range Plan for our ministry needs and the facilities we need to accomplish them.

Our parish energies (on all levels) went into, what is now, well over 100 meetings; small and large alike. Among these meetings were the discernment of space, the encompassing Feasibility Study, Town Hall meetings, the Capital Campaign of commitment and now the acceptance of the Archdiocesan Building Commission recommendation for us to move forward in Stage One of our Long Range Plan.

As pastor, it is important to me for all of you to know the reasoning behind our parish’s work during that brief period of time that parishes were asked to ‘sign-up’ to be a part of the archdiocesan study that now has been done. We are not separate from our neighboring parishes, but the road we chose for our prayer, work and planning continues to make all the difference for today and the days to come. As “they” say, there are only so many hours in a day…

Thanks for all you do, as a member, seen and unseen.

In Christ the Cornerstone,
Father Dale


Posted: September 14, 2018