Music Survey


Dr. Robert C. Mann, Director of the Resource Library, Church Music Institute, Dallas, Texas, has said that “The most important musical component of a worship service is the song of the congregation. The congregation is the church’s choir, and its song conveys the spirit of the church and reflects its spiritual health. Nothing is as effective as congregational singing that is vibrant and inspiring”

In an effort to make the liturgical music as effective in meeting the needs of the congregation as possible, I have created a survey, which I encourage ALL MEMBERS of the congregation to take at

Follow the link above to the SurveyMonkey web page. There will also be a link on the parish web app, and hard copies located in the gathering space. Please try to have all surveys complete by Sunday September 3rd. Your “VOICE” is important in many ways.

Thank you in advance for your time and input!
Carrie Gary - SFX Director of Music


Posted: August 10, 2017