Prayer Blanket Ministry


We are excited to announce the re-emergence of The Prayer Blanket Ministry.

Compassion and the love of sewing, knitting and crocheting have been combined into a prayerful ministry and spiritual practice. We reach out to those in need of comfort and solace. Our motto is "Covering You with Prayer."

Members of the Ministry sew the prayer blankets while praying for those who will be receiving them. Each person who receives a prayer blanket is lifted daily in prayer. The prayer blanket is blessed then accompanied with a prayer book and rosary acting as symbols of St. Francis Xavier Church's prayer and support for those who receive it.

Volunteer are needed! It is not necessary for you to know how to sew. There are many opportunities within the Ministry that can benefit from your service ie., cutting fabric, ironing, etc. Donations of fabric, yarn and other sewing supplies are greatly appreciated along with any monetary donations. Please email for additional information or to find out about dropping off donations.


Posted: July 19, 2017